Title: Saturday Ride to Mont, Belgium

Tags: Mont, Belgium, Voer region, Limburg, Cycling

Venturing on any out-of-town cycling ride can be thrilling and exhilarating. And what better way to explore new territories than journeying from Arensgenhout to Mont, Belgium, spanning through the Voer region and Limburg?

Last Saturday was no exception. Anticipating a wet Sunday, I decided to shift my cycling adventure to Saturday. Regrettably, I couldn’t do the full ride owing to time constraints. Nevertheless, the voyage was remarkably adventurous, dotting through several towns and villages, and culminating in Mont, Belgium.

The journey set off from Arensgenhout, a peaceful village in the province of Limburg. First, we ventured to Valkenburg, famous for its charming hilltop castle ruins and vibrant city culture. Then the Daelhemerberg passage provided a serene cycling path amid Mother Nature.

The journey thrust forward towards Margrate and St Geertruid, towns known for their quaint streets and unique landscape. Thereafter, the route wound through the scenic towns of Moelingen, Montroux, Battice, and Petit Rechain, each town displaying its distinct charm.

The most strenuous part of the trip was a steep climb to Mont. It was challenging, but the feeling of achievement upon reaching the top was overwhelming. The return journey coursed through various towns—Henri Chapelle, Hombourg, Sippenaken, Epen, Slenaken, Wylre—before we eventually arrived back in Valkenburg and then to Arensgenhout.

Altogether, the entire route spanned an impressive 89.7 km and a total of 1110 high meters. We ventured out in the afternoon when the temperature ranged from 28 degrees Celsius to a sweltering 32 degrees. We experienced some hot and back wind conditions, but it added to the authenticity of the trip, much akin to life’s ups and downs.

You may follow the precise route and endeavors on Strava with this [link](https://www.strava.com/activities/11767644363). This thrilling Saturday ride to Mont, Belgium, was not short of an adventure, and I hope to venture on similar rides in the future that keep the spirit of discovery alive in heart while keeping the pedals in motion.

In a nutshell, the trip was as much about camaraderie and shared experiences as it was about fitness and biking. It was more about the ride and less about the destination – encapsulating the true essence of what it means to reminisce on a ride well-lived.


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